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 Our Mission

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x614x E

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PostSubject: Our Mission   16/04/14, 11:17 am

What our goal here is, is simple:

- Respectable Community that will form a league of friends, rather than week-to-week opponents.

- A group of people who understand REAL football, and can try to reproduce that feeling on video games.

- Give all players a fair shot at winning, where only knowledge and skill come into play, rather than gimmicks.

- Keep a long lasting league that will have a solid foundation of SIM style guys, ones who will stick in, and improve with their league-mates.

- Follow a set of rules and standards that will make all of the above, simple.

- Help each other learn, grown, and improve in Madden and knowledge of the game!

- Have a lot of FUN!

Free to Join

Can WIN $50 CASH (Superbowl Winner, 0 rule Breaks)

About x614x E: Absolutely in LOVE with the sport of football, the draft, the games, pre-season, everything dealing with football, I'm all over it. I'm a die-hard Eagles' fan, however, I'm going to allow everyone to pick teams before I do, its only right. I have made this league before for Madden 12, and had over 200 people sign up and get along. Now on Next-Gen I'm here to do it all over. I love Madden, but I love the NFL more, so if I can create this league to give me a taste of realistic football, in Madden form, I'm in there.

About ncslobbrknocker: I am your typical die hard NFL fan with a loyalty to the Carolina Panthers. Unless I am forced to, I will not be the Panthers in Madden just so I am not responsible for them losing! I am not an elite madden player by any means but I do enjoy the game, the competition, and the fun of going up against other owners. I am a family guy with a full time job but Madden is my "go-to" place as my hobby. I look forward to helping build this league into a community of dedicated and reliable owners.

Pittsburgh Steelers.
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Our Mission
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